Terms of use

Terms on which After.co works


Most importantly:

Each account on After.co , must be held by one human person only, and each person may hold only one .co account.

Also important:

User accounts are non-transferable. Private offers made outside of After.co are expressly forbidden. Offers made via private messages on After.co are discouraged. However, if accepted, transactions must be completed on After.co. Users generally may not link to external sites unless they're obviously contextually related to the property for sale. This includes but is not limited to:
Pages containing explicit, obscene or vulgar language or images Pages containing copyright-infringing material Pages which could be classified as self-promotion, such as pages affiliated with the user

Users may not provide their contact details in listings or in public comments. All users should diligently monitor listings they are interested in; After.co can provide no guarantees about delivery of emails or other notifications. Users who are banned by After.co administration can expect no refund of any monies paid.


After.co welcomes and encourages public comments on listings, although comments should generally be helpful, factual, and use neutral language. If you have a concern about another user's behavior or suspect inappropriate conduct, please let our Customer Success team know directly at support@After.co. Accusations of fraud, theft, or any untoward behavior in public comments are not acceptable. If you post these kinds of comments to a listing, you may receive sanctions, up to and including a permanent ban from After.co. If a sale has not completed successfully, you must follow After.co's dispute process, the dispute cannot be resolved via comments. Comments may be deleted by the seller, but only if they violate these guidelines. Other users will be able to see that the seller has deleted comments and it can degrade trust in the seller and/or the quality of the listing. The seller is not permitted to delete reasonable comments, and if this deletion is brought to the attention of After.co then we'll restore the comment may sanction the seller.


A "listing" on After.co is the individual instance of your auction or sale, which has a computer-generated number, e.g. After.co/1234567. Properties sold more than once on After.co will have a new listing created for each new auction or sale. By launching a listing, you grant After.co a permanent, irrevocable, and unrestricted license to store and display the details of your listing. After.co offers a number of options to hide listings during or after a sale, please see our Privacy support article for more details. By launching a listing, you agree that in the event of a winning bid or when you accept an offer, your contact details will be provided to the other user. The seller must have the right and good faith intention to sell the item listed in its entirety. Any necessary outside licenses or other requirements must be clearly stated in the listing. The seller must provide full details of the item for sale, and must not intentionally hide information from public view. The seller is obligated to sell to the user who made the winning bid or offer. A user making a winning bid or offer is obligated to buy for the amount of the winning bid or offer. Any claims of revenue or traffic in a listing must be supported by evidence. Any claims to potential revenue or traffic in a listing must clearly marked as such and be accompanied by robust workings and assumptions. Sites with less than three months of revenue history are not able to claim revenue in their financials or listing title or description.

Claims to specific potential revenue or traffic numbers are expressly forbidden in listing titles. Making guarantees is not allowed on listings due to their lack of enforceability and possible contention regarding terms of any guarantees. We recommend that users instead utilize sales contracts and/or escrow services. Items may not be offered for sale through any other site, method, or channel while live in an auction or web classified listing on After.co. This does not extend to private sales. Domain names sold must include the ability to transfer the domain name to another registrar. Any specific requirements such as maintaining the same registrar, restrictions on a newly purchased domain, or requirements of citizenship or residency must be clearly stated in the listing description. Subdomains (e.g. webstore.example.com) may not be sold as in this case there is no ownership which can be transferred. Listings breaching any guideline may be corrected, suspended, cancelled, and or removed by After.co without refund of any monies paid. Listing text is copyright of the seller and as such unauthorized copies are expressly forbidden. Claims regarding the Site Established date refer to the most recent point in time that the website, in its current form, went live. If the site was ever offline for more than 14 days, was previously redirecting, or if the site switched to a different niche, then the Site Established date must be taken from this more recent point in time.

Changes in monetization method or underlying technology do not necessarily mean a new Site Established date. If the site was established on a different URL in the last 12 months, the original Site Established date can only be used when the original URL is included in the sale. Email customer/subscriber addresses can only be sold with a website where the email address was provided by the address holder specifically for the site being sold. Email address lists not directly attributed to the site for sale cannot be sold on After.co.

Buy It Now

  1. Seller may change the Buy Now Price at any time; provided however, seller understands and agrees that by changing the Buy Now Price, the Listed Domain(s) is subject to a new valuation by After.co. In addition, due to the nature of e-commerce and the internet, After.co is unable to guarantee that any change to the Buy Now Price shall be published on After.co and its reseller sites before an offer is received. Seller is obligated to complete a transaction with a confirmed buyer for the posted price even if seller tried to increase the Buy Now Price prior to the time of the purchase.
  2. Seller specifically authorizes and directs After.co to sell a Listed Domain for the Buy Now Price at any time.
  3. Seller is prohibited from rejecting/canceling a completed sale to a buyer once a buyer commits to the purchase of a Listed Domain by clicking the 'confirmation' button on the After.co, Buy Domains or Reseller/Partner site.
  4. Seller makes the following representations and warranties to After.co:
    1. Seller is prohibited from rejecting/canceling a completed sale to a buyer once a buyer commits to the purchase of a Listed Domain by clicking the 'confirmation' button on the After.co, Buy Domains or Reseller/Partner site.
    2. each Sold Domain shall be immediately transferable from the Transferring Registrar, without restriction; and
    3. Seller has no actual knowledge that any Listed Domain is the subject of an intellectual property claim of any third party.


  1. A reserve price must be set, and the reserve must be equal to or greater than the minimum bid price.
  2. Listings created where the starting bid and reserve price are equal will display as "No Reserve", since the first bid will meet the reserve price. The reserve price may not be made public by any means.
  3. The reserve price may not be changed once it has been met.
  4. The reserve price may be lowered but cannot be subsequently raised.
  5. A Buy It Now price, if it exists, must be equal to or greater than the reserve price.
  6. Both the Buy It Now price and the reserve price may be lowered, but neither may be changed to an amount lower than the highest accepted bid.
  7. If the Buy It Now price is met by the current bid price, the Buy It Now price will be automatically disabled and hidden. The seller can add a new Buy It Now price at a higher value if they wish.
  8. The listing will publicly display whether or not the reserve price has been reached by an accepted bid.
  9. If there are bids greater than or equal to the reserve price, the highest accepted bid is the winning bid.
  10. If highest bidder will change before half an hour then time will again reset to 30 min(half hour).
  11. If an auction is completed and the reserve price is not met, all accepted offers immediately expire and the listing is automatically opened to post-auction negotiation.


  1. Bids are legally binding and irrevocable until a higher bid is accepted, at which time the previous highest bid expires.
  2. Bids amounts are anonymous to everyone except the seller.
  3. Sellers may not bid on their own listing, either on their own behalf or through an intermediary. That is considered shill bidding and is strictly forbidden.
  4. Users may not reveal to other users who placed a bid or offer, whether via private message, public comment, or any other way.
  5. Bids may not be withdrawn by the bidder.
  6. When a Buy It Now bid is placed, then auction will end on that stage and that domain will directly sale out via BIN bid.
  7. Acceptance of a Buy It Now bid means the user who placed that bid is the winner, and the auction is won.


  1. Offers less than the minimum offer will not be accepted by the system.
  2. Offers are legally binding and irrevocable once accepted by the seller.
  3. Responding to a offer is permanent; rejected offers may not be subsequently accepted, and accepted offers may not be subsequently rejected.
  4. Any offers (including Buy It Now) without a response from the seller within 72 hours will be automatically rejected.
  5. Offers amounts are anonymous to everyone except the seller.
  6. Sellers may not offer on their own listing, either on their own behalf or through an intermediary.