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What's in your Domain Name? names do chnage hnads more often than the other domain names. 4L domains sell for a wide range of prices and it would depend on the particular letters involved and whether, even if random, the letters have some sort of meaning - e.g., as an acronym. 4L .co domains can go for as little as $100 and as much as $100,000 and sometimes much more.

4-letter domains are also known in the domaining industry under the jargon LLLL.COM or 4L. So for example, 1PRO.CO wouldn’t be a LLLL.CO domain. Also LLLL.CO doesn’t mean literal domain but a representation of a group of domains.

Why ?

The odds are that most of your competitors are using lengthy .com names, a few smart ones perhaps using a short, brandable name. Most of the available 4 letter domains available are non-english words, invented and new. While many companies wisely choose a brandable name for their company, many of them disregard a 4 letter usually for one reason

The types of names that are easiest to market are four letter domain names. Many 4 letter company names have historically experienced quick success because of their simplicity. While there are many 4 letter domains available, the ones your company should look out for are the rare, pronounceable ones. By the day these names increasingly become more sparse, being taken up by new companies.


Every website lives within a domain space such as .com, .net, .biz and others. .CO is a new domain extension that offers you a global option for branding your online presence, .CO is already meaningful and recognizable in multiple languages and cultures. It's the acronym for "company". For most people, the two letters – CO – are recognized as meaning company and/or corporation across the globe. Look around and someone near you is already using the letters CO in that context. It's used in country-code domain extensions. More than 20 countries use .CO to mean company and/or commercial content in their websites (e.g.,,,, etc.). By adding a .CO domain to their online marketing strategy, country specific websites can now have a version of their site serving their global customers.
In other uses it has geographic meaning. CO means Colombia and it also means the State of Colorado in the USA.
It's the domain extension used by Google in Colombia and some of the largest websites targeting Colombian users. If you're building a global site, targeting users in any country in the world, buy .CO domains.

What is the price of .CO ? Why is .CO more expensive than .COM ?

While you may find different prices and promotions out there, the yearly price tag for registration of .CO domain names is typically higher than .com's and other legacy domain extensions. This premium pricing aims to deter domain squatters from registering thousands of domain names without using them.
Simply put, we believe that if you're an entrepreneur or a real business that needs a credible domain for your online branding, our pricing is just right for you.


A good business can’t be built without strong marketing.All domains need to be used effectively for branding purposes and this means a lot more than just getting the brand name in the domain. In an age where good domains are more accessible than ever, but SEO strategy has transcended simple marketing tips such as buying domain names with a short URL, easy to say/easy to remember, or a domain that includes targeted keywords, to a time now where the structuring of the brand, domain and product need to be seamlessly integrated.


Domain reputation of links has become quite a concern for those looking to market their business. Between Google changing its ranking system repeatedly and emails being filtered based on domain trustworthiness, it’s harming how businesses communicate with their target audience. However, there are ways to ensure domain authority and increase domain rank.

Past sales of some 4 Letter .co
Domain Price Venue
leaf.co89,000 USDGritBrokerage
snug.co3,800 USDSedo
gini.co4,500 USDSedo
bruk.co5,000 USDSedo
wipe.co2,150 USDSedo
limo.co2,555 USDGoDaddy
burd.co4,100 USDFlippa
down.co1,400 USDNameJet
safe.co1,838 USDGoDaddy
zero.co2,550 USDGoDaddy